Women of glory Outreach


About Pastor (MRS) NONEY Anachunam

Noney Anachunam, a woman of gentle spirit with passion for the salvation of lost souls who was miraculously healed and delivered by our Lord Jesus Christ after an encounter that took her to Heaven and hell and returned with a clear  mandate from Jesus Christ to go back into the world and prepare His people to meet with God. She was uniquely called into the ministry with a clear message of salvation for the lost and endowed with unusual prophetic Anointing. She preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world, She is the lead Head of the Women of Glory Outreach, a Pastor, a counselor and a   passionate intercessor. Her testimonies and ministry have transformed lives all over the world. She is married to the senior Pastor and they are blessed with two covenant children.

women of Glory is an outreach arm of the Glory of God Mountain of Life Ministry. It was founded on the belief that if we “seek God and worship Him we can be a mirror reflecting God’s glory.

Women of Glory aim to fulfill that great transformation in 2Cor 3:18 and by so doing, have an important role in winning souls for our Lord Jesus Christ through worship. Matt 28:9 . Our strength lies in mobilizing women of all ages, religions, and races. We want to see women enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, become mature in Him in a progressive experience, and develop their potential in the home, the workplace, in the congregation, in ministry, and community.

Our programs address pragmatic issues which impact the lives of women. The overall objectives are geared towards making every woman a winner, in terms of self-empowerment to positively develop and engage in godly lifestyles, with clear evidence of spiritual growth and maturity exemplified in their ability to raise godly children, sustain healthier lifestyles, participate in business development opportunities and community input. The ultimate goal is to see women grow from glory to glory setting aglow the light of God’s glory in the community.